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●Made a fortune by selling snacks as a hawker—carrying two buckets with a bamboo pole.

In the time of unrest, an old man sold snacks along the streets and lanes, carrying two buckets with a bamboo pole. He just tried to help people to find the sweetness and smoothness in their memory during their childhood.



●By the end of 1991, the Prosperous Sweet Dynasty was founded in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

Cultivated by her father, Ms. Daisy Hung insisted in using ingredients with original flavor and original recipes. Intending to share gourmet local food, she established the Sweet Dynasty, which opens up a new chapter on the simple but delicate food culture unique to the Sweet Dynasty.



●Sweet Dynasty started to begin its business by serving Hong Kong style desserts. Inheriting the family recipe, she made delicate and smooth tofu pudding. Based on it, she improvised many different dessert set meals. All of its tofu puddings were stored in wooden buckets, bringing fame worldwide. Once, it made the record of selling two thousand buckets of tofu pudding in a single day. In order to continue the tradition and make innovation, she also sold congee, noodles, dim sum, and authentic Hong Kong style dishes to satisfy the customers’ appetites. With the finest ingredients, nice cooking, and delicate foods, the Sweet Dynasty has been enjoying high acclaim worldwide. It has been one of the favorite Cantonese style restaurants among the Chinese globally.



●The Sweet Dynasty debuted in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan. Since then, the Japanese have been loyal customers of the Sweet Dynasty during the growth of its brand name.



●Carrying its authentic Hong Kong brand name, the Sweet Dynasty sailed across the Strait and launched a branch in Taiwan. In that year, the Sweet Dynasty stirred up a typhoon in serving Hong Kong style snacks and attracting many customers daily. In the 550 m2 restaurant, located at Zhongxiao East Road, there were 2000 customers daily. It was the pioneer of introducing Hong Kong style cuisine to Taiwan, making it a legend.



●Two years later, the Sweet Dynasty opened three branches in Takashimaya, the top department store in Japan. These branches were located at Nihonbashi (opened in March), Tamagawa (opened in October), and Kashiwa (opened in November). The Sweet Dynasty made a record in opening three restaurants in the high-class department stores in Japan. 



●After years of endeavor in Japan, it established its central kitchen. Then, the Sweet Dynasty stepped out of Tokyo and the Nagoya branch was opened officially in April, 2005.



●The Sweet Dynasty received the first honor of dessert field in Hong Kong. People called it “the trend of thin syrup,” winning high acclaim in Asia. People ranked it as a must visit restaurant when visiting Hong Kong. In addition, it won the status of the lord of dessert in Hong Kong, setting the standard of the typical Hong Kong dining experience.

●After opening a new branch in Nagoya, the Kyoto branch opened in 2006. The Sweet Dynasty injected a new feeling in traditional Japanese culture.



●As the continuation of the partnership with Aoyama, Taipei Tayeh Aoyama branch was opened, becoming a landmark restaurant in Tienmu.



●The Sweet Dynasty was selected as a dessert supplier for China Airlines. Its dessert was served on the business class of the Europe-America lines and Japan lines. The almond tofu pudding with fruits was proudly selected as the dessert served on the first class cabin of Air Force during the president’s visit.

●Invited by the President Group, the enterprise giant in southern Taiwan,was opened the first branch in Tainan during that year, located at the center of Wufu Business Circle. It was packed with customers every day.



●2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition was the first A2/B1 class international horticulture exposition authorized and certified by the AIPH/IAHP and the International Exhibitions Bureau. After severe competitions, the Sweet Dynasty was selected as the only dessert supplier in the exposition.

●The Osaka branch in Japan was opened in March, making it as the seventh branch in Japan.



●It reinterpreted its original brand name “Sweet Dynasty” with the new title “Best Food in Prosperous Days-the Empire of Dessert” in order to promote its brand name and introduce new enterprise image. Aspiring to become an all aspects of Hong Kong style catering group, it worked ceaselessly to offer the best services and food to people at different stratum.

●It received the honor of the “Golden Award for Excellent Restaurants.” It won the third place in online sales of the Chinese New Year’s dishes with its “radish pudding,” “dessert,” and “purple rice and red bean New Year’s cake.” Operated with hearts, the Sweet Dynasty was recommended and supported by people from all walks of life.



●Two Flagship classic Hong Kong style restaurants with an area of a few thousand meters square were opened simultaneously in Shanghai and Taipei. The grand size was unprecedented in Taiwan. The Tonlin Flagship Store cost 8000 NT dollars. Decorated in classical style fused with modern touch, it elevated its brand name and brand identity immediately.

●In the same year, the Sweet Dynasty opened a new branch in the Greenbelt in Taichung. It began to set foot on Taichung, ten years after its deployment in Taiwan, making it meaningful to its endeavor.

●It received the honor as one of the Excellent Restaurant in Feast Gourmet Taipei, 2012.

Endeavoring in establishing an excellent image for Taiwan’s tourism, it has rectified the shops in Taipei Taoyuan Airport to offer excellent food and excellent services to the travelers. Renowned in serving good food, the Sweet Dynasty was proudly invited to operate in the airport. In the same year, the Sweet Dynasty prepaid cards were sold in Costco worldwide.

●The Flagship Store at Hankow Road—before moving to this location, the main store in Canton Road, Tsimshatsui attracted about ten thousand visitors worldwide to dine here. By the end of December, 2012, it moved to Hankow Road. The new Sweet Dynasty attained a new look. In addition, it also adjusted its menu and services, to allow visitors worldwide and local customers to feel its effort of making innovation. It dared to announce the beginning of the new Sweet Dynasty era in the next two decades.


●The Dimsum Special Restaurant at Hysan Place at Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay—at Time Square next to Hysan Place at Lee Gardens, where Eliste Bookstore from Taiwan opened its Hong Kong branch there. The Sweet Dynasty also ventured to serve only dim sum in this restaurant at Hysan Place store. The Sweet Dynasty set foot on Hong Kong Island since its establishment for twenty years. It was very meaningful to the Sweet empire.



●It received a honor of one of the Visitors’ Favorite Restaurants in Hong Kong and won the Smile Enterprise Award in Hong Kong.

●The concept and flagship store of the Sweet Dynasty in Shanghai was opened. It returned to the city after its departure from Luwan District, Shanghai. It was very meaningful to the Sweet Dynasty.

●Occupying about 1000m2, the concept and flagship store of the Sweet Dynasty in Sanlitun, Beijing was opened. It was the first time for the Sweet Dynasty to operate in the capital of China, being its first restaurant in northern China. It offered Chinese people to taste the gourmet food which brought from the south to the north. They didn’t have to fly 5000km to taste the gourmet Cantonese food in Hong Kong anymore.

●The Sweet Dynasty Roppongi Restaurant (congee and noodles special restaurant) was opened in Tokyo in April. It received much attention and high acclaim from the TV and media in Japan.

●The 21st branch of Sweet Dynasty was opened in Shenyang, China. This restaurant was located at Shenyang Tiandi, Huanggu District, Shenyang. Scheduled to open in June, Shenyang Tiandi is the mall operated by Xintiandi, Shanghai. It will attract crowds like the one in Shanghai, as expected.

●The Sweet Dynasty returned to Shanghai and opened the third branch of Shanghai at boutique Avenue in Huaihai Road.

It established the Dim sum Special Restaurant at the Peak Galleria of Hang Lung Properties, where there is the famous scenic spot, Peak Tram, of Hong Kong.

●It firstly entered the birthplace of Kwangtung dishes in southern city of Shenzhen, and the world’s largest golf club of Mission Hills Group over the past twenty years. It planned to build a training base here for the development of cultivation and storage of talent pool in future.

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